Problems with, loop-AES and ext3

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- I am happily using loop-AES since quite a time on my ASUS L3800C Laptop 
(Pentium 4 Mobile, gentoo Linux), frequently upgrading both loop-AES 
versions and kernel, usually to the latest of the 2.6 series. The last 
upgrade from 2.6.7 (loop-AES 2.1b) to (loop-AES 2.1c) however did 
not turn out to be a fortunate one.

My hdd has several partitions, all of them being ext3, except for /tmp, 
which runs reiserfs, and of course swap. Swap, /home (ext3) and /tmp 
(reiser) are encrypted with loop-AES' AES128 encryption.

All is running fine, except for the encrypted /home, which shows this error 
after some time of work (usually 10 to 30 minutes):

> Aug 16 19:36:26 [kernel] EXT3-fs error (device loop0): ext3_readdir:
> directory # 783444 contains a hole at offset 8192
> Aug 16 19:36:32 [kernel] ext3_abort called.
> Aug 16 19:36:32 [kernel] EXT3-fs abort (device loop0): ext3_journal_start:
> Detected aborted journal
> Aug 16 19:37:04 [kernel] EXT3-fs error (device loop0) in
> start_transaction: Journal has aborted
>                 - Last output repeated 4 times -
> Aug 16 19:37:22 [su(pam_unix)] session closed for user root
> Aug 16 19:37:22 [kernel] EXT3-fs error (device loop0) in
> start_transaction: Journal has aborted
>                 - Last output repeated 52 times -

After unmounting /home, and running e2fsck on it (which repaired the error), 
I remounted /home, just to have the same kind of error again after some 15 
minutes. I repeated this several times, rebooted - problem remains. The 
only thing that changes (sometimes) is the number of the directory that 
"contains a hole". As all other ext3 (unencrypted) partitions are running 
fine without these symptoms, i suspect a problem with loop-AES and the new 

I did not really change the configuration for my kernel (did a make 
oldconfig); the only "major" thing that is different between my 2.6.7 and 
my config is the use of mregparm=3 in the latter case. I will try 
if the problem goes away when disabling that option, but in the meantime, I 
would be very happy about any suggestions what might be the cause of this 
mess. FYI, I have write caching disabled on the disk, and smartmon does not 
show any problems on the drive. Oh, and if anybody has a viable idea how to 
efficiently debug this thingy, preferably _without_ risking my data, I 
would surely appreciate it ;) For now, I have reverted to 2.6.7 and not 
encountering any trouble, so I think a hardware problem is not very 



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