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On Thursday 02 September 2010 01:17:14 Tiago Marques wrote:
> Hi Thomas. Thanks for the message.
> On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 11:40 PM, Thomas Renninger <trenn@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > On Sunday 29 August 2010 06:54:44 Tiago Marques wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >> I'm having a problem with this processor not having frequency steps
> >> and apparently only voltage steps. I find it very strange but that's
> >> what Intel's documentation suggests. I can't load acpi-cpufreq because
> >> it doesn't find any device and battery life in linux is suffering
> >> around 20% less due to this.
> > Where do you have the 20% info from, I doubt you verified it?
> Yes. Since it seems no one can't return Windows licenses for refunds
> anymore, I have went ahead and booted windows on it, without any
> driver installed and just configured it to have frequency scaling
> working, which in this case is only voltage scaling.
> I measured almost 6 hours of battery life and the processor & chipset
> frequently had the fan stop when idling.
> In linux, in the same conditions, I got less than 4 hours and the fan
> never stops. I configured a PCI-express power saving feature on the
> kernel and it seems to have dropped noise a bit. Battery life is still
> not great and the fan still never stops. I'm trying to find something
> with which I can measure the actual power going through the AC adapter
> but for now battery life tests is pretty much all I can do.
There is current battery power drain somehwere in
It normally updates not that often, but may be better and accurate enough if you
take several values, than waiting for the battery got drained.

> The 20% figure is obviously optimistic since I'm accounting a positive
> effect from the PCI-Express power saving feature to not quote 33%
> less.
Yep, this could be the graphics card as well.
What kind of graphics card has it and which driver are you using?

> >> I have confirmed that the CPU supports
> >> Speedstep, just this very strange variation.
> > You are not the only one:
> >
> > [HP Pavilion dm1-1110ev] Cpufreq doesn't work at all ( Intel Celeron U2300 )
> > or the last comments (or search for U2300) here:
> >
> >
> >> Can I somehow help with this to get it fixed? Who are the current maintainers?
> > Not exporting cpu frequencies seem to be intended for this cpu for whatever reasons.
> It doesn't have more than one. I checked in windows and I also can't
> change frequency, despite reports from a person on the contrary:
> I have confirmed that the GM45 chipset doesn't support frequency
> scaling of the FSB on Intel's datasheet, so the speed he reports of
> 98MHz is a bug. I found similar frequencies upon use. Since I
> performed my tests with LCD brightness in full, that would account for
> the one hour difference on the best result, while the less than four
> hours he also reports may be due to speedstep not working before he
> messed with configurations.
> I tried the same program and the CPU is locked at 6x, although the
> voltage isn't, it's somewhere from 0.925 to 1.075v if I recall
> correctly.
> > If you have efficient C-states, frequency states are not that important.
> I know. But what about voltage? Intel's datasheet clearly states this
> processor supports two voltage states, I guess for the purpose of
> relaxing clock binning requirements for these CPUs. I'm thinking it
> does scale when in windows.
> The Pentium SU4100 has similar problems but he allows one p-state,
> from 1300MHz to 1200MHz.
> I can't seem to find the lowest multiplier available on these
> platforms, CrystalCPUID lists mine as 6x, hence 1200MHz. I thought
> Core 2's could idle at something like 800MHz and I find it strange
> that this one can't also.
Interesting. Possibly you have luck finding a document from Intel about
this CPU describing this a bit. I'd be interested in the outcome, but don't
have to time to dig for it.

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