Re: corosync 1.4.2 membership problem

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Hi All,

I still have the issue with corosync 1.4.2 on fedora-14. I disabled secauth turn on debug and add a third node standing-by for the quorum.

Can someone tell me what's wrong? You can see debug logs of corosync from the three nodes, config and version infos also in the tarball here:

virt1 and virt2 for services virt3 in stand-by for quorum. They are on the same real machine with 4G ram and 4 core AMD processor. Each virtual machine has 1 cpu core and 650M ram.

At Mar 17 11:24:26 on virt2 corosync exited cleanly on system reboot. At 11:24:55 it started after the reboot.

On virt1 the corosync gain knowledge of new processor virt2 only at 11:29:16 on virt3 it is member only at 11:29:17.

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