Corosync 1.99.8 (Sixth beta release of Needle 2.0) available at!

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I am pleased to announce the first release candidate of our future
Corosync Needle 2.0.

Tarball is available immediately from our website at

Because we decided to make many changes which causes backwards incompatibility (API/ABI and on-wire), we decided to release another beta, rather then RC-2.

Just for sure, this means that you need to update all cluster nodes.

Biggest changes are:
- Removal of evil services. These was dummy handlers of OpenAIS services, and because OpenAIS is no longer actively maintained in upstream, they can be removed. - Remove sync1 synchronization engine. This was here only for backwards compatibility. This also means, that old flag "compatibility" is also removed. - Drop pload service. Pload service was internally used for testing of performance, but could cause hard crashes, incorrect behavior, ... Service as itself is gone, but you can use ploadstart script which does almost same thing. - Remove EVS service. EVS service was not widely used, was incomplete and not function. Because it's behavior can be easily emulated in CPG, we decided to drop it and if needed in future, we will create libevs wrapper on top of cpg.
- Change internal numbers of services. This will cause wire incompatibility.
- Crypto rework:
- We removed tomcrypt. Tomcypt is nice, small, ... library, but sadly we didn't updated it for long time (may cause serious crypto issues). Also NSS is FIPS certified, it's external library, has support for HW accelerated encryption and many other nice things. So we decided to stick only to NSS - Previous change also means, that ripmed encryption is gone, instead of that, we are using NSS AES256 - Code which was using NSS has many many bugs fixed (various leaks, overflows, ...) - It's now possible to choose from wide array of hmac methods (md5, sha1, sha256, ...) and it should be very easy to add another cipher methods (for now, only AES256 is supported)

Complete list of changes between RC-1 (1.99.7) and Beta-6 (1.99.7):
Angus Salkeld (3):
      Add pid, hostname and process name to the logfile
      Remove unused function logsys_priority_name_get()
      Fix typo in stats key name.

Fabio M. Di Nitto (16):
      sync: kill evil and syncv1 in one shot
      utils: cleanup main daemon exit codes
      drop last references to compatibility: whitetank
      totem: drop crypt_accept: concept/option
      pload: make it a test service and not a public one
      build: drop last LCRSO references
      build: drop obsoleted SOCKETDIR option
      build: drop another leftover from the past
      drop evs service
      crypto: mask the crypto operations from totem packet size management
      crypto: drop secauth and make crypto none work again
      crypto: add crypto config to network data
      totem: don't send garbage onwire if we fail to crypt
      crypto: change network packets and add dynamic crypto header/data
      crypto: add new hashing methods and fix config defaults
      crypto: allocate padding in crypto_header

Jan Friesse (12):
      Remove libtomcrypt
      corosync-cfgtool: Remove set of cryptography
      cfg: remove crypto_set
      onecrypt: move encryption code to crypto.c
      Rename totemcrypto
      Parse and use hash and crypto from config file
      Document crypto_hash and crypto_cipher options
      Update crypto_set API
      crypto: Remove sha224 and add md5 hash
      Make common_lib version independand on totem_pg
      Mark few more icmap keys as read only
      Reflect config changes for crypto in examples

Testers are more than welcomed. For testing, you need to install libqb version 0.11.1.

Thanks/congratulations to all people that contributed to achieve this
great milestone.

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