Re: Approaching Beta - last chance to propose beta blockers

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On 01/28/2012 04:37 PM, Steven Dake wrote:
> We are approaching beta release on Tuesday.
> I haven't seen any bugs filed that block our beta release.  If there is
> work remaining that _changes the API or ABI or config file_, that would
> be a blocker.  If you have work like that remaining, please propose it
> asap and let us know if it will finish before Beta, or we should slip
> beta to address the proposed changes.
> I would expect any api changes to occur in Quorum API.  Fabio, are you
> done cooking there?

libquorum (the one used by applications / clients) is done. It won't
receive any change unless we find some major issues.

libvotequorum I believe to be done now, but I am considering to not
officially support this API since it's for internal use only and no
external tools have any real use for it at this point in time (the only
real consumer is corosync-quorumtools). Let's discuss this tomorrow in

As for the votequorum service engine, there are 2 features that have
been suggested on the list, that might require one extra option to the
config file (no changes to current options) and possibly an on-wire
extra flag (does not break backward compat, feature would be working as
expected only when the whole cluster is at the same version level). Tho
it's easy enough for me to prepare the whole skeleton for this in less
than a day (aka we can release Beta wed, instead of tue).


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