Re: RHEL6.2 qdisk, luci, 3node last-man-standing question

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why you give 3 votes to quorum?

i give you an example i'm using in a cluster

disk = 2
node1 = 1
node2 = 1
node3 = 1

total = 5

if node1 die = i remain with 4 and cluster still it's quorated
if node2 die = i remain with 3 votes and still cluster it's quorated

So the result it's, i can work with one node if two node die because i have the majority

2012/1/27 Dax Kelson <dkelson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
In a 3 node cluster using a qdisk for a "last man standing"
configuration (one node plus the qdisk can be quorate), the
configuration is typically:

quorum disk = 3 votes
each node = 2 votes
expected votes = 9

So one node plus the qdisk has 5 votes = quorum.

This works fine when configuring using ccs and editing the cluster.conf.

However, in luci if you try to setup the same configuration via luci,
when you go to enable a qdisk, you get the big warning message "Quorum
Disk cannot be used unless each cluster node has exactly 1 vote.".


Dax Kelson
Guru Labs

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