rhel 6.2 network bonding interface in cluster environment

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We had configured RHEL 6.2 - 2 node Cluster with clvmd + gfs2 + cman + smb. We have 4 nic cards in the servers where 2 been configured in bonding for heartbeat (with mode=1) and 2 been configured in bonding for public access (with mode=0). Heartbeat network is connected directly from server to server. Once in 3 – 4 days, the heartbeat goes down and comes up automatically in 2 to 3 seconds. Not sure why this down and up occurs. Because of this in cluster, one system is got fenced by other.


Is there anyway where we can increase the time to wait for the cluster to wait for heartbeat. Ie if the cluster can wait for 5-6 seconds even the heartbeat fails for 5-6 seconds the node won’t get fenced. Kindly advise.




Sathya Narayanan V

Solution Architect   

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