New Tutorial - RHCS + DRBD + KVM; 2-Node HA on EL6

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Hi all,

  I'm happy to announce a new tutorial!

  This tutorial walks a user through the entire process of building a
2-Node cluster for making KVM virtual machines highly available. It uses
Red Hat Cluster services v3 and DRBD 8.3.12. It is written such that you
can use entirely free or fully Red Hat supported environments.

* Full network and power redundancy; no single-points of failure.
* All off-the-shelf hardware; Storage via DRBD.
* Starts with base OS install, no clustering experience required.
* All software components explained.
* Includes all testing steps covered.
* Configuration is used in production environments!

  This tutorial is totally free (no ads, no registration) and released
under the Creative Common 3.0 Share-Alike Non-Commercial license.
Feedback is always appreciated!

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