Fencing required for node failover

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Hi All, 

I am using RHCS in RHEL 6.2.

I am trying to perform a failover for a node in the cluster.
All the services have fail-over configured on them with recovery method set to relocate.
When the node foes down the services are not relocated to to another nodes.

Though the node failure is detected by rgmanager:
Dec 29 16:20:57 rgmanager State change: pcs_linuxha_1 DOWN
Dec 29 16:28:25 rgmanager Status Child Max set to 7
and fenced has the following logs:
Dec 29 16:21:04 fenced fencing node pcs_linuxha_1
Dec 29 16:21:04 fenced fence pcs_linuxha_1 dev 0.0 agent none result: error no method
Dec 29 16:21:04 fenced fence pcs_linuxha_1 failed

1. Do I require fencing to be enabled to make node failover work
2. If yes, what kind of failover device should I add. (all the nodes are simple servers.)


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