Re: problems with fence_vmware_soap and vCenter server 4 / ESX 4

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On 12/27/2011 11:20 PM, Matias Kreder wrote:
> hi all,
> I am having troubles while using fence_vmware_soap to get the VM list
> and any other operation.
> fence_vmware_soap -l user  -p pass -a -o list -z
> My user has full admin privileges. is the vCenter IP
> address running on Windows 2008. vCenter is controlling only 1 ESX 4
> server.

from the man page ...

fence_vmware_soap  is an I/O Fencing agent which can be used with the
virtual machines managed by VMWare products that have SOAP API v4.1+.

... v4.1+ ... you have "plain" 4? Don't even know if the version is
directly related to ESX version, but looks "suspicious" to me ;-)

hth - regards,

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> Doing the same thing against the ESX shows the same issue:
> fence_vmware_soap -l root -p pass -a -o list -z
> Failed: Unable to obtain correct plug status or plug is not available
> Looks like it is connecting and authenticating properly because if I
> use a fake password it fails with "Unable to connect/login to fencing
> device"
> Please advice
> Regards
> Matias Kreder
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