Re: Ext3/ext4 in a clustered environement

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On Wed, 9 Nov 2011 09:42:17 -0500, "Nicolas Ross"
<rossnick-lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> It will help to avoid expensive DLM locking if yoo mount the snapshot
>> with
>> local locking.
> Sorry, you lost me, isn't dlm locking for gfs ?

>From your first email:
"We are curently using RHEL 6.1 with GFS2 file systems on top of 
fiber-channel stoarage for our cluster. All fs' are in lv's, with clvmd."
"So, I'm thinking of putting each of thos directories into a single ext4"

So, i thought its GFS2 and switching to ext4 is not done yet ... but i
guess i misunderstood that

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