Re: Manual multicasting address for CMAN bug

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For all RHEL related problems you need to contact GSS.

You also filed

to track your issue.

Please provide the requested info.


On 09/26/2011 05:55 PM, Matthew Painter wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been trying to set up a cluster of 3 on Red Hat 6.1 using a cisco
> switch, and therefore a fixed multicast address - in this
> case.
> All the docs etc. say to add to the cluster.conf:
>         <cman>
>                 <multicast addr=""/>
>         </cman>
> This seems to work and a cman_tool status brings back the correct
> multicast address, but has a Quorum status of "Activity Blocked",
> because the culster nodes never join.
> *However* if I manually run "cman_tool leave" and then "cman_tool join
> -m", the nodes can see each other.
> Does anyone know if this is this a known issue? I can't find any
> information about it.
> Thanks for all your help :)
> Matt
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