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2012/5/22 Yehuda Sadeh <yehuda@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> RGW is maturing. Beside looking at performance, which highly ties into
> RADOS performance, we'd like to hear whether there are certain pain
> points or future directions that you (you as in the ceph community)
> would like to see us taking.
> There are a few directions that we were thinking about:

> 3. New features
> Some examples:
>  - multitenancy: api for domains and user management
>  - snapshots
>  - computation front end: upload object, then do some data
> transformation/calculation.
>  - simple key-value api

+1 any new feature can be a new solution for futur needs.

> 5. Native apache/nginx module or embedded web server
> We still need to prove that the web server is a bottleneck, or poses
> scaling issues. Writing a correct native nginx module will require
> turning rgw process model into event driven, which is not going to be
> easy.

It is, for me the #1 feature :
- I only use Nginx for everythings... instead radosgw
- another process / another deamon / another problem
- resolve once for all the "buffering" problem : only apache/fastcgi
can send without buffering. And when you send BIG files, it's not an

> 8. Administration tools improvement
> We can always do better there.

Agree, bucket / pool management is quite an ordeal.
It come (of course) with a better documentation.

> Thanks,
> Yehuda

Guilhem Lettron
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