Re: issue with mounting ceph cluster over NFS

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On 05/15/2012 08:31 AM, madhusudhana U wrote:
I have a ceph cluster with 5 nodes, in which 2 are MDS, 3 are MON and all

Is only one MDS active?

5 acts as OSD. I have mounted the ceph cluster in one node in the cluster
and exported the mounted dir via NFS. Below is my mount and exports file
looks like

ceph-fuse on /ceph_cluster type fuse.ceph-fuse
[root@ceph-node-15 ~]# cat /etc/exports
/ceph_cluster   *(rw,no_root_squash,fsid=10001)

Below is automount entry

madhusudhan_ceph -
rw,intr,retrans=10,timeo=600,hard,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,tcp,noacl      ceph-

I am facing strange issue with one of my t_make build, where its failing
for some unknown reason. But the same build works fine on local machine and
build gets completed. There are no difference in the data as its been synced
from perforce to both the directories.

Does the build work on ceph-fuse without nfs?

Can someone put some lime light on the best way to mount the ceph cluster
via NFS (using autofs to mount the dir) ? and is there anything that i need to
make sure for mounting ceph cluster via NFS ? I heard that, t_make will fail
if underlying file system can't handle 64b file handles [inode number/fileid]
(faced the same issue with isilon storage). Can ceph handle above condition ?

Ceph inodes are always 64-bit. The only exception is ceph-fuse on a
32-bit machine, which won't work in general due to the restricted inode
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