Re: HOW do I get Java 1.7 64-bit?

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> Yes. However, my BrailleBlaster project may require Java 1.7. I suppose
> I can obtain it from Openjdk and install it manually. I should probably
> uninstall Java 1.6 first. After I install Java 1.7, will subsequent use
> of yuum update mess up that installation?

You have a few of choices here...

CentOS 6.3 includes openJDK 1.7 as a tech preview (and as such it will
get security updates etc) so that TUV's customers can test against

Fedora 17 includes openJDK 1.7 as a 'supported' package (and indeed
does not even have 1.6 in the repositories)...

Install the Oracle Java package from Oracle's site and set JAVA_HOME
etc etc appropriately to use it.... you may need to set up
alternatives to make sure the Oracle Java takes preference if you
install a package that results in a dependancy chain that pulls in
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