Re: NIS expiration of passwords

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On Jun 28, 2012, at 4:49 PM, Michael Coffman <michael.coffman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I would believe this information is shared from the server to the
>> other computers but here users still can connect (via SSH). If I try
>> to get the information on the user connected I have:
>> # chage -l USER
>> user 'USER' does not exist in /etc/passwd
>> This looks normal as there is no user there but then I do not know how
>> to enable the expiration information through NIS. Do someone has an
>> idea?
> You can't.   NIS on linux does not support password aging.

If your using NIS then I would use Kerberos for the users passwords to maintain security. If your using Kerberos then I believe password aging is handled on the Kerberos server.


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