Re: What to use on CentOS 6.2 w/ an Epson Stylus Photo 2200

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> Epson doesn't seem to have one; I see an rpm at, but that
> .rpm d/l I started around 11:30 my time, and the d/l slowed, and slowed,
> and it's been at 21% and "1 hr 17 min to go" for it seems like close to
> half an hour. I d/l a tar.bz2, but I'm not sure I want to build and
> install it - my use of this printer is temporary, and I want to be able to
> uninstall it all.
> I also can't seem to find what some of the Epson drivers in the std.
> CentOS CUPS packages handle. Anyone have any pointers?
>        mark

Mark, this system was installed as 6.0 and upgraded to 6.2. 

In /etc/cups/ppd I see two files re Epson 2200 Stylus Photo:
	 EPSON_Stylus_Photo_2200_USB_1.ppd and Stylus_Photo_2200.ppd.

These were installed from install DVD. No known issues here.  HTH.


b.j. mcclure <keepertoad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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