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> Thanks Mark, that does make it more clear,
> i've made a setup and heartbeat does that by default,
> when heartbeat shuts down it's stops slapd as well and assignes the ip 
> to machine2 and starts slapd there ,
> what i want is that it already has slapd running on the failover but 
> still checks that service for availability. that way i won't have an 
> outdated database on the failover ldap server.
> would you know if there is a way of making heartbeat not sending the 
> stop command to a particular resource or do i need write a script to 
> (not) do this? i wouldn't mind a script but if that function is already 
> there  i'd rather use that one.
> Thanks, Wessel


Just pass heartbeat an IP, not a service.
If you use IPaddr2 it will also send a gratuitous ARP that will cut down
the failover time.

eg. IPaddr2::

All the services will stay running, if you want to do service checks to
watch slapd to see if it breaks you can use the "mon" project to kickoff
a heartbeat failover.


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