Re: Error in Squirrelmail

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On 5/22/12 2:33 PM, Edson - PMSS wrote:
> Yesterday I upgrade my CentOS e-mail server and I changed the version of
> Squirrelmail and PHP. Now, after the changes, I can't send e-mail by
> squirrelmail. I can send only by e-mail clients like Thunderbird and
> Outlook in the network.
> I did a backup of the old configuration and data files and I replaced it
> on the new configuration, but nothing happen. I need someone's help.
> Thank you.

once you have no problem in mail server (can send and receive by email 
client)  i am sure you need to run the pl script to reconfigure it 
again. if you have updated the squirrel package, i had this experience 
in past.
#cd /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/

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