Re: openLDAP under CentOS-6

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I've been hard hit by the lack of CentOS-6 documentation
mentioned in another thread.
The openLDAP setup has been changed completely between CentOS 5 and 6,
and I haven't been able to find any reasonably coherent instructions
explaining how to upgrade.
If anyone knows of such a document I should be most grateful to learn of it.

Actually I have openLDAP working (though unencrypted) with my CentOS-5 data
after a series of more or less random steps.
But I can't work out how to set the password
for the web interface at <server>/phpLDAPadmin .
Again, if anyone can tell me how to do this
I shall be most thankful.

Incidentally, I looked at the RHEL documentation on this,
but it was so sparse as to be more or less useless.

I have been looking for the same thing.  I will be watching your thread
with some hopeful expectation.

Greg Ennis

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