st1000spex ethernet card and centos 6.2

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Dear List,

I am still having difficulty installing a second ethernet card in a new
CentOS 6.2 install.  Tom Bishop was kind enough to give me an excellent
link to figure out how to change the device names the way I need to have
them.  It looks to me that CentOS is recognizing the st1000spex card
from StarTech but I am unable to get data to go in or out of it.

The StarTech manual for this card does not include linux as being
supported, but several vendors do have their blurbs with linux support
caveats.  Unfortunately, the StarTech site appears down today, and I
have not been able to see if they have documentation as to whether there
is a need for special linux drivers.

Do any of you have a StarTech st1000spex, or any suggestions?


Greg Ennis

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