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On 10/05/12 20:55, Timothy Madden wrote:
> I would like to use dnsmasq to cache nameserver query results, and I
> have set dhcp to prepend the name-server to the list of
> nameservers. dnsmasq would then automatically exclude the localhost as a
> name server and use all the others from the list provided by dhcp.
> But it was too nice to be true, because NetworkManager was there, ready
> to mess up anything I try to do, including the list of name servers that
> dhclient puts in /etc/resolv.conf.
> Is there really no way to convince that idiotic piece of software that
> it suffered too much brain damage in order for it to manage even a
> simple eth0 interface, and that dhclient can properly take care of the
> resolver configuration by itself ?
> Or do I have to turn it off entirely ?
> Is there a better way to have dhclient write the list of DNS servers,
> that dnsmasq could then use ?

Have a look in


you might be able to figure out a tweak to put back in.


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