Re: strange partitioning problem

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2012/4/25 Eero Volotinen <eero.volotinen@xxxxxx>:
> 2012/4/25 Markku Kolkka <markku.kolkka@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> 24.4.2012 23:52, Boris Epstein kirjoitti:
>>> Thanks! I am afraid that will still not address the issue of how I would
>>> partition the drive for the installation.
>> Don't partition it at all, assign the whole drive as a LVM physical volume.
> Is it really possible to boot from 18TB lvm partition? with mbr? with grub?
> well. no?
> "The /boot/ partition cannot reside on an LVM volume because the GRUB
> boot loader cannot read it"

I think best solution is to slice raid into two volumes in raid
manager or install delicated boot disk inside the server, if possible?

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