Re: strange partitioning problem

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On 04/23/12 8:31 PM, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
>> um, LVM can't see over 2TB of the drive either, unless its formatted
>> >  GPT, whereupon it can't be used as a boot device on a non-EFI system.
> The idea is to create multiple 2TB partitions.
> In one specific case I set up a 4TB System by creating a 1G boot volume and
> 3.99T system volume. Then I created two 2T partitions on the system volume,
> formatted them as physical volumes and added them to the main volume group.
> Then you can create a 4T logical volume if you like.

how do I create two disks from one 3TB JBOD ?

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santa cruz ca                         mid-left coast

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