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Bob Hoffman wrote:
> On 4/20/2012 11:12 AM, Tilman Schmidt wrote:
>> Am 20.04.2012 16:02, schrieb m.roth@xxxxxxxxx:
>>>          mark "why, yes, I *do* remember Kantor&  Siegal, and the
>>> aftermath to them"
>> Don't get me started. Ah, the good old pre-spam days!
> I was not working for a computer company, but I finally got online in 93
> through various things like prodigy, aol, compuserv, etc.
> I do remember a fateful day when I was in aol, back when it was $4 an
> hour and there was a chat room called 'spam'
> I thought it was rather odd that a group of people would be discussing
> an old monty python skit and jumped in.
> After a few minutes it was obvious they were not talking about monty
> python.
> even then, they were there figuring out how to spam spam spam.
> not all of us were lucky enough to be working main frames in the 80s for
> the usenet dang it.

M'frame here. PC's in the mid-eighties, then back to m'frames, pc,
*finally* got to Unix in '91, which was when I got on the 'Net, late that
year. My late wife was on a couple years before, and a friend who was at
UP in the mid-eighties talked about it.

Usenet is, of course, still alive, though a lot of folks know it as google

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