Re: One disk speed problem [SOLVED], and a question on hdparm

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On 03/28/2012 08:00 AM, m.roth@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Les Mikesell wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 4:20 PM,  <m.roth@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Yeah... but parted is user hostile. A co-worker and I, both of whom
>>> don't need GUIs, use gparted. However, that doesn't tell me where it's
>>> aligning things.
>> I think its trick is the default 1M offset it adds at the start.
> You may be right... but I'm not sure. We'll see if the 3tb drive I've just
> formatted takes less time - the others I used gparted with.
>        mark
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I've found every one of these utilities to be problematic at various
time, particularly on systems with a GPT bios.  Each one seems to have
its own strengths and weaknesses.  Though I don't remember exactly how
it works, my recollection is that there are ways to trick fdisk into
doing alignment by specifying the -H (number of heads) and the -S
(number of sectors per track).  You'll have 1 unaligned partition at the
beginning because of the MBR, but all the rest can be forced into the
desired alignment.


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