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On Thursday, March 08, 2012 11:59:31 AM Wessel van der Aart wrote:
> Hi Lamar,
> i tried their free version today.
> at first it did look promising but as soon i was to perform actions on 
> files with acl's on them the whole system came down hard and leaving my 
> external HDD corrupted.
> after several hours i've decided to give up and go with ext4
> but still thanks!

Sorry it didn't work out for you.  Linus, for one, has a pretty poor opinion of HFS in general.....and I'm not thrilled with it myself, due to some issues I had with Tiger on a PowerMac G4 and heavily corrupted filesystems, journaled or not.  And I have some of the 'rescue' tools like DiskWarrior, and I've still lost some data.

Hopefully your experience with ext4 will work out better.

Mac OS X does very well with SMB/CIFS shares, too, if AppleTalk doesn't work out for you.  (I run Mac OS X here in a few areas, and even Tiger works well with a Samba server, but I haven't tried any ACL's with it).
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