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On 24.2.2012 21:28, Sergiy Yegorov wrote:
> Fri, 24-Feb-2012 12:05:55 Jeff Boyce wrote:
>> 6.  Then I ran  resize2fs /dev/vda2  and got the result that the filesystem
>> is already xx blocks long.  Nothing to do!
> Before you can resize filesystem, you have to resize partition.
> If it is only 2 partitions on /dev/vda, you can use one of two ways:
> 1. Resize partition from host system (I think it is not the best idea for root 
> partition operations):
>  Run fdisk /dev/vg/lv_guest1root, delete second partition and create new one 
> which starts from the same place but takes all available space, after it you 
> can boot guest (in single mode) and run resize2fs.
> 2. Boot VM from any 3-party (LiveCD or any) with access to virtual disk, and 
> do the same: in fdisk delete existing partition, create new one and run 
> resize2fs on it. Or just use parted to do it in one command.

3. You can repartition from the guest itself
Do as in 2. After saving the new partition table fdisk will probably
request a reboot for using the new table. reboot, then resize the fs.

Kind Regards, Markus Falb

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