Re: CentOS6 virtio?

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> In this very extensive guide for setting op a 2-node KVM cluster in RH6 
> he also sets up a Windows 2008 server using the virtio drivers. You need 
> to scroll down a fair bit. Here is the link for the part where he 
> explains how to provision a Windows 2008 server.
> Maybe this is of use for you.
 Thanks, Hans. After looking at all the options, I started from scratch and
 am now installing with virt-manager following the RHEL "Virtualization Host
 Configuration and Guest Installation Guide", 10.1.2. Installing drivers
 during the Windows installation. The emphasis being on *during*.

 I did manage to install the balloon drivers onto the previous image, but
 just them, and no idea how to add the other virtio drivers.

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