Re: New Tutorial - RHCS + DRBD + KVM; 2-Node HA on EL6

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On 01/03/2012 10:20 AM, Clint Redwood wrote:
> Thanks! This is great - I've been planning and am half-way though
> creating such a cluster, but I've been using Fedora15/16 as Centos6
> wasn't out when I started. Any idea if this will work with Fedora as a
> host OS, or does it have to be RHEL/Centos?

It should work, more or less, as-is on Fedora. Do note though that
things are changing rapidly and that Fedora is already at the end of the
3.1 version, about to go 3.2, where EL6 is (and will remain) on 3.0.

Also, I can not recommend ever using Fedora in production as a server.
The support cycle is far too short and the testing not nearly as
extensive as EL6 proper. I've tested several times on Fedora, and
inevitably run into gotchas.

So in short; I *strongly* recommend using an EL6 distro.


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