Re: using local media file to install guest

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On 10/26/2011 04:48 PM, Bob Hoffman wrote:
> eric wrote
> ---------------------
> That's not my understanding. I watched someone else follow the procedure
> here:
> and I believe he started with the minimal installation on the host.
> --------------------
> and then you find he also had installed the desktop on the next page and
> using virt-manager to view it.
> I would rather not have the desktop and x installed.

That can be on any *other* computer, like a laptop. You don't need (or 
want) to run virt-manager on the host itself. You can manage your VMs 
from any workstation/client that's attached to the network.

> I dunno...been weeks on this with no other option than to install the
> desktop. Might just have to give up and do
> the desktop with no other options available.
> centos6 too new, kvm too new, not much info out there. sigh.

-Eric 'shubes'

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