Re: onboot=yes not working for eth0.x:y interfaces?

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> De: "Dennis Jacobfeuerborn" <dennisml@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> À: "Discussion about the virtualization on CentOS" <centos-virt@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Envoyé: Lundi 24 Octobre 2011 18:59:28
> Objet:  onboot=yes not working for eth0.x:y interfaces?
> Hi,
> I ran into a Problem when using alias interfaces with vlans on a
> centos 5 box.
> When I define such an interface and do a "service network restart" the
> alias interface doesn't get started. Starting it manually works fine.
> Also after changing DEVICE=eth0.10:0 to DEVICE=eth0:0 in the config
> file
> the interface is started after a network restart.
> Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be or a suitable
> workaround?
> Regards,
> Dennis
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Why do you want to have virtual interface over vlan interface ? These virtual interfaces are for VMs ?


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