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On Mon, August 29, 2011 17:09, James B. Byrne wrote:
> CentOS-6.0
> I created an lv (120 Gb) to hold the image of a KVM
> guest instance. I mounted this at
> /var/lib/libvirt/images/lv_guest01.
> When I do a df I see the lv is mounted at the desired
> location.
> When I run the virtual machine manager from the desktop
> I am given the option to install the image into the root
> directory tree or to browse for an alternative location.
> When I browse to the mount point of the lv then the
> virtual machine manger becomes non-responsive and I get
> a swirling circular pattern in the right hand pane of
> the file browser.

This has been reported upstream as a bug, 734529.  The
issue arises when one browses to an empty directory.  The
file browser enters an indefinite wait state without
displaying anything in the browser window or providing any
message as to what the user need do next.  One may
navigate back out of the directory but the need for this
action is not made evident.

If, instead, one browses to an existing FILE then one may
use that file as the virtual machine image store. 
Therefore, the work around for my situation is to create
the logical volume, mount it, then create an empty file
having the desired name within it and only then start the
process of creating a new virtual machine.

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