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Hi Paul. See my un-educated comments inline :)

On 19 July 2011 08:59, Always Learning <centos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Tue, 2011-07-19 at 08:22 +1000, Matt Paine wrote:

> As far as I am aware, KVM uses the cpu hardware to run completely
> different operating systems independently of the host.
> LXC is similar to Linux-VServer, or virtuozzo, where you are always
> running a base kernel, and can run multiple init's at the same time.
> ...............

Thank you for your explanation. It is most helpful. To summarise what I
think is correct: One can run multiple LXC containers, each containing
an identical version of the main host operating system but processes are
separate from the others. KVM creates a type of 'container' allowing
different host operating systems to run in that container.

If can try to clarify my understanding, LXC is process isolation. basically the kernel is shared between the containers. (not specifically the entire host operating system, just the kernel).

KVM will need to be explained by someone else, the only understanding I have with this is it relies on virtualisation in the processor to switch between os's. With the benifit being you can run M$Windows if you want to.

There is no way to run windows with LXC.

Can one run inside a LXC container a KVM ?

If the guest container have the correct privileges, then I would assume so. But I would suggest this would be a messy way to do things, and breaks the whole container concept. The processes in the container are ment to be 'contained' yet to get the correct kernel priveleges to do complete KVM switching would be to open up the entire container to the rest of the system (if thats even at all possible, it may not be! The kernel may not provide the correct privileges to do KVM virtualisation within a LXC guest)

Can one run inside a KVM some LXC containers ?

This one I would say definitely. Since you are running a completely new kernel, I cant see a reason why you couldn't provide an LXC kernel to run within a KVM guest. But theres a bit of guessing here as well :)

Or is the simultaneous usage on the same machine of LXC and KVM mutually
exclusive or incompatible ?

Thank you again.

With best regards,


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