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Re: [CentOS-docs] proposed 'howto'?

On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 11:02 AM, Brenden Walker <brenden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm horribly new at this.  I just went through the process of setting
up CentOS to use PAM + Kerboros for authenticating users to an Active
Directory domain.  I ended up having to read a lot of out of date or
related howtos to get what I need.

What version of CentOS?
I documented the process I used and just got done re-doing it on a
fresh VM install to make sure I covered everything.

I figured rather than keeping this documentation 'in house' I'd see if
there is a need/place for this on the Wiki.  I'd be happy to give it a
shot, or pass it along for someone else to post.

Did you use this at some point along the way?

Either way, I'm interested in what you put together.

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