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[CentOS-docs] edit proposal to /HowTos/SELinux - how to relabel filesystem

Following the steps under "Contribute to the Wiki" at

My Wiki name is BennettHaselton.  I wanted to edit this paragraph:

"Note: When switching from Disabled to either Permissive or Enforcing 
mode, it is highly recommended that the system be rebooted and the 
filesystem relabeled."

to add:

"This can be accomplished with the commands
touch /.autorelabel
If the file /.autorelabel exists at boot time, SELinux performs a 
filesystem relabel and then deletes /.autorelabel "

Since the current page says to relabel the filesystem but doesn't say 
how to do it; the instructions are easy to find elsewhere on the web, 
but might as well put it on that page too.

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