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[CentOS-docs] OS Hardening typo?

Hi all;

On OS Hardening ( http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/OS_Protection )
there's a section on "Physical Protection" that includes requiring a
single-user mode password. There's four lines that look something like

echo "Require the root pw when booting into single user mode" >> /etc/inittab
echo "~~:S:wait:/sbin/sulogin" >> /etc/inittab
echo "Don't allow any nut to kill the server"
perl -npe 's/ca::ctrlaltdel:\/sbin\/shutdown/#ca::ctrlaltdel:\/sbin\/shutdown/'
-i /etc/inittab

It's been awhile since I've messed with the /etc/initab file, but why
is "Require the root pw when booting into single user mode" being
echoed to /etc/inittab? Is this a typo? (I'm guessing that it is based
on the third line, which just echos what is being done to the console
to the benefit of whoever is typing it in.)

If not, ignore this. I just don't want to hose my /etc/inittab file to
find out :)

Cody Jackson
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