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Some questions: Release Notes CentOS 5.6


A couple of days ago, I did the Spanish translation for ReleaseNotes 
CentOS 5.6
and I have some questions

Right now, in the Spanish version we are using nice icons for "Notes".
Would you like the same in the English and other translated versions ?
(I know that is not important, just looks nice ;-) )

On many places we mention packages names or file names. I suggest
use {{{typewriter}} style for this, to better reading/understand.

Some time ago, we talk about some common parts in all the translated 
And we started to use marks "#begin-.... #end-...". Right now, we don't have
this marks for the "Translations" subtitle in the original version. We 
should use
I think.

By the way, I need help to use '<Include> macro', all my tries were 

Thanks !

Hardy Beltran Monasterios
La Paz, Bolivia

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