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CDC Health & Safety Features: World AIDS Day, CDC Vital Signs report on HIV Testing and more!

Title: CDC Health & Safety Features: World AIDS Day, CDC Vital Signs report on HIV Testing and more!

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CDC.gov Features deliver actionable and timely health, safety and wellness messages.  Here is a preview of the CDC.gov Health and Safety features of the week: 

Native American Road Safety
November is Native American Heritage Month. CDC's Injury Center works with tribal nations to implement motor vehicle injury prevention programs. This month, learn about American Indian/Alaska Natives' risks on the road and how CDC-funded programs are helping to improve road safety for Native Americans.


Protect Your Child Against Severe Rotavirus                                                 

Rotavirus causes severe diarrhea, mostly in babies and young children. The good news is that there are vaccines to help prevent this disease.


Importance of HIV Testing: CDC Vital Signs Report
More than one million Americans are living with HIV and approximately one in five don't know it. Everyone should be tested for HIV and those at increased risk should be tested at least annually.


Toxic Substances Prevention
ATSDR's top priority is to protect people from harmful chemical exposure. Learn how the CERCLA act of 1980 laid the foundation for ATSDR and a safer, healthier America that enjoys stronger protection from toxic substances.


World AIDS Day 2010
On December 1, CDC and its partners observe World AIDS Day to raise awareness of the global impact of HIV/AIDS. We recognize the success to date of global and domestic programs and commit to more lives saved.




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