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CDC H1N1 Flu Website Situation Update, May 21, 2010

Title: CDC H1N1 Flu Website Situation Update, May 21, 2010

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CDC H1N1 Flu Website Situation Update, May 21, 2010 

Key Flu Indicators

Each week CDC analyzes information about influenza disease activity in the United States and publishes findings of key flu indicators in a report called FluView. During the week of May 9-May 15, 2010, nationally all key flu indicators are low. Activity levels at this time are similar to what is usually seen during the U.S. summer months. Below is a summary of the most recent key indicators:

*All data are preliminary and may change as more reports are received.

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U.S. Situation Update

Weekly Flu Activity Estimates

U.S. Patient Visits Reported for Influenza-like Illness (ILI)

U.S. Influenza-like Illness (ILI) Reported by Regions

U.S. Influenza-associated Pediatric Mortality
Posted May 21, 2010 (Updated Weekly)
Data reported to CDC by May 15, 2010
Date Reported
Laboratory-Confirmed 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pediatric Deaths
Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza A Subtype Unknown Pediatric Deaths
This Week (Week 19, May 9 - May 15, 2010) 0 0 0 0
Since August 30, 2009 222 50 1 273
Cumulative since April 26, 2009 282 53 3 338

This table is based on data reported to CDC through the Influenza-Associated Pediatric Mortality Surveillance System. Influenza-associated deaths in children (persons less than 18 years) was added as nationally notifiable condition in 2004.

For more information about influenza-associated pediatric mortality, see FluView.

For more information about the U.S. situation, see the CDC H1N1 Flu U.S. Situation page.

International Situation Update

This report provides an update to the international flu situation using data collected through May 16, 2010, and reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) on May 21.

WHO continues to report laboratory-confirmed 2009 H1N1 flu deaths on its web page.  These fatal cases are an under-representation of the actual numbers as many deaths are never tested or recognized as influenza related.

The most active areas of 2009 H1N1 influenza transmission are in the tropical regions of the Caribbean, South America, and Southeast Asia. Seasonal influenza B viruses, in addition to 2009 H1N1, are being reported in parts of Southeast Asia.  Influenza B viruses are the main influenza viruses in East Asia. 

Influenza activity is relatively low in most parts of the temperate northern and southern hemispheres, except for Chile, which has localized increases in ILI.  Both 2009 H1N1 and seasonal B viruses are being detected in Europe.  Transmission of 2009 H1N1 in Sub-Saharan Africa appears to have dropped markedly.

For more information about the international situation, see the CDC H1N1 Flu International Situation page.

Recent Updates of Interest

Additional Updates on the CDC H1N1 Flu Website

To learn about other recent updates made to the CDC H1N1 Flu Website, please check the "What's New" page on the CDC H1N1 Flu website.

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