Re: Sniff mode issues regarding Sony Ericsson headsets: kernel patch proposal.

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Marcel Holtmann wrote:
> Hi Fabien,
>> Here are patches against 2.6.27-rc6 and latest bluez git that add 
>> support for point 1 below.
> problem with these patches is that they are a layer violation between
> L2CAP and HCI. 

Yes that is true but that is nothing that isn't already existing. Same 
trick is used for L2CAP_CONNINFO.

I'm gonna try to improve that.

> It should also work on incoming and outgoing connections
> the same way. 

I'm not following you there...

> Also when using socket options, I prefer that we set them
> and store the value and the execute it once the connections is up.

Agreed. I was just too lazy to do that :-)

> Personally I prefer if we would enhance hci_send_acl() to indicate that
> we expect it got get out of any power state before processing this data
> packet.
> And of course this socket option also has to work for RFCOMM.

That's pretty much useless as i don't know if that will ever get used.
However that's not much work, i can do it if that makes you happy. ;-)

Do you have any comments on the user-land side or is it how you see things ?



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