Re: Question about Bluez-4.1 Object Paths

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Greetings, Marcel

BTW: Not sure what is going on with the lists, but I just got your 
response in the digest today.  Good thing we have irc.

> Hi David,
>> After installing 4.1 yesterday, I noticed that the object paths for
>> org.bluez.Adapter and org.bluez.Device have changed: both are now
>> prefixed with "/org/bluez", probably reflecting the recent firestorm
>> with the DBus folks.  So now, the object path for the "zero-th" 
>> adapter
>> is not "/hci0", but "/org/bluez/hci0" as it was for the "legacy" DBus
>> interface.
> the object path of the adapter and device interfaces need to be
> discovered via functions like ListAdapters and ListDevices. Relying on
> stable object path names is wrong. I will change them randomly from
> release to release if I have to. Any application that will break 
> because
> of this is a broken application.

Agree with the requirement to discover adapter and device interface 
object paths.

Also noted that we are still using "/" for org.bluez.Manager, and 
appreciate your "reasons" for doing so ;-) (raising Havoc, so to speak).

> Regards
> Marcel

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