Re: sound quality is very slow when using helix player.

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Hi Halley,

  I have tried several versions of bluez-utils.
  1. 3.19, which is included in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), it has good audio quality.   2. 3.26, which is included in Ubuntu Hardy distribution, audio quality has degraded a lot.
  3. 3.31, also bad audio quality.

we do dynamic re-configuration of the A2DP link based on the quality aspect given from the player. This means you can switch on the fly between MP3 and SBC and even between mono and stereo etc. I think you get the idea. However this is complex stuff and there might be a bug. Especially since nobody I know used Helix so far. As mentioned before in a private email, provide us with as much details and debug information and then we debug this one.



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