Re: An Issue with A2dpd and some suggestions

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Hi Halley,
>   I know little of ALSA or Bluez, so I don't know the detail inside.>   1. attached log files:>      Blue-startup.log: the log information when "hcid -d -n" start to run>      Bluez-play.log: during a helix based player playback an audio stream, the log information from hcid.>   >   2. ALSA api >    snd_pcm_hw_params() --> snd_pcm_prepare() --> pcm->fast_ops->prepare(pcm->fast_op_arg)>   I guess it will call to (from printf log, it does)>   File: audio/pcm_bluetooth.c >   Function: bluetooth_prepare()>   And in this function, it will use the return value from write(data->pipefd[1],&c,1) as its (bluetooth_prepare) return value.---- I think the positive return value "1" was create here; >   but I don't know whether there should be some place to translate this value to a valid return value of ALSA API. And I also don't what "1" is valid return value from the write() function.
good catch. It is our fault and actually a stupid oversight on our side.We have to do this writing 1 byte into the pipe to wakeup the clients.So writing one byte successfully doesn't give us 0. It gives us 1 and sothere you got your wrong value.
I fixed this in the CVS now. Thanks for the analysis.

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