Re: I can't use 3.31 release, but 3.19 release works on the same platform

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  Great thanks. See below.
  root@azhao2ubtg2:/home/halley/Desktop/Bluez/3.31/bluez-utils-3.31# hcid -d -n
  hcid[32610]: Bluetooth HCI daemon
  hcid[32610]: Enabling debug information
  hcid[32610]: Could not become the primary owner of org.bluez
  hcid[32610]: Unable to get on D-Bus
  halley@azhao2ubtg2:/usr/lib/alsa-lib$ hcid -d -n
  hcid[32615]: Bluetooth HCI daemon
  hcid[32615]: Enabling debug information
  hcid[32615]: Could not become the primary owner of org.bluez
  hcid[32615]: Unable to get on D-Bus
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  >Sent: 2008年5月12日 22:41
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  >Subject: Re:  I can't use 3.31 release,but 3.19 release works
  >on the same platform
  >Hi Halley,
  >It looks like you have some problem in your configuration otherwise
  >you shouldn't be getting this:
  >ALSA lib pcm_bluetooth.c:1517:(audioservice_expect) Bogus message
  >Could you please send us the hcid output, then we can help configuring
  >it correctly, also make sure you are really
  >installing the new alsa plugin as marcel said.
  >Luiz Augusto von Dentz
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