Re: bluez-gnome and OBEX DBus names

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Hi Florian,

> I'm running bluez-gnome 0.26 and obex-data-server 0.3 from Gentoo. My
> Bluetooth setup is running fine, with the exception of OBEX reception.
> When I start the bluetooth-applet from a shell, I get the warning
> "Bluetooth OBEX start failed: Invalid path". A bit of dbus-monitoring
> shows that this error comes from the OBEX server:
> method call sender=:1.96 -> dest=org.openobex
> path=/org/openobex/server1; interface=org.openobex.Server; member=Start
>    string ""
>    boolean true
>    boolean true
> error sender=:1.94 -> dest=:1.96
> error_name=org.openobex.Error.InvalidArguments reply_serial=16
>    string "Invalid path"
> A look in ods-server.c shows that it's testing for the first parameter
> of the method call to be an existing directory, but the bluetooth-applet
> is passing an empty string.. and this is because the applet uses
> g_get_user_special_dir(G_USER_DIRECTORY_PUBLIC_SHARE) and
> g_get_user_special_dir(G_USER_DIRECTORY_DOWNLOAD) to retrieve the
> directory names.
> So, I now have one suggestion - see the attached patch, two small error
> checks to make debugging this _much_ easier - and one question:

the patch has been applied. Thanks.

> how is the average user (yes, there are such things now ;-) expected to
> know how to set these *!$%& directories? I needed 20 minutes of glib
> source diving to find the relevant code - why doesn't Gnome, e.g., set
> this automatically?

Actually GNOME should do this. However if you kept upgrading GNOME over
time from an old installation, it might have missed it. Don't ask me
details, but for a clean installation it is set.



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