Re: bluetoothd-service-network fails to execute ifup scripts from network.conf after repeated connection attempts (Patched)

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Great, so at least GN is now working as expected, as I said before NAP
is more complicated even though we could return its bridge and leave
to user script to deal with dhcp server/NAT this code was in cvs
before but Marcel requested to remove it since we have no interface to
change any script configuration (ip range, routing interface...). But
you have a point saying it is not a big deal to leave NAP bridge for
user to create and configure and network service still announce it
without any verification, it might be better to return the bridge
creation to network service and when possible hook the bridge to
connman( when it
comes to support access points.

Luiz Augusto von Dentz
Engenheiro de Computação

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