SCO patch works on (Debian) 2.6.24 (was: Updated SCO flow control patch: 2.6.23)

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Fabien Chevalier <fabchevalier <at>> writes:
> As for sco-flowcontrol-v4.4.diff, which is against 2.6.22-mh3, i didn't 
> manage to test it due to broken sco behaviour. 


I have just compiled a Debian 2.6.24 with the v4.4 patch: it applied
and compiled cleanly.

And it works most of the time with my BT500v headset (sco)! Thank
you for that.

Is there any ETA on when this patch will make it into the kernel

Unfortunately, sometimes I see the

  Critical: Opening ALSA driver failed:
  snd_pcm_hw_params_set_rate(8287) failed: Invalid argument

log output from twinkle and then I can't hear anything from the
other side and I am not sure they can hear me.

At other times, the headset just disconnects before my softphone
even tries to set up the call with:

  headsetd[25077]: Changing state: Zombie-->Streaming
  headsetd[25077]: Appli closed socket
  headsetd[25077]: Changing state: Streaming-->Zombie
  headsetd[25077]: Nobody uses SCO channel anymore, closing it.
  headsetd[25077]: Changing state: Zombie-->Connected

and then the application will sit forever saying it's "Trying".

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
I will write back if I find out more...

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