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Thanks.  After digging into ~/bluez-utils-3.30/doc/... the situation became significantly more clear.  I see the names of the 
xxx-api.txt are also changed, which is why I did not find them before...sigh.

All the best,

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Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 6:36 PM
Subject: Re:  UPDATE: org.bluez.Adapter Methods/Signals

Hi David,

> That "flame" was uncalled for.  I have attached file bluez-
> utils-3.30/hcid/dbus-api.txt

actually I mentioned before that you only will see DeviceFound on /
hci0 and if you look into the doc/ directory you see the documentation
for the new API. I mailed an update to the mailing list that mentioned
that from now on forward I am going to put new documentation there.

> The section describing the org.bluez.Adapter interface contains the
> following (emphasis added):
>  void DiscoverDevices()
>   This method starts the device discovery procedure. This
>   includes an inquiry procedure and remote device name
>   resolving.
>   On start up this process will generate a DiscoveryStarted
>   signal and then return ***RemoteDeviceFound*** and also
>   ***RemoteNameUpdated*** signals. If the procedure has been
>   finished an DiscoveryCompleted signal will be sent.
>   Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.NotReady
>      org.bluez.Error.Failed
>      org.bluez.Error.InProgress
>      org.bluez.Error.NoSuchAdapter
>  void DiscoverDevicesWithoutNameResolving()
>   This method starts the device discovery procedure. This
>   includes an inquiry and an optional remote device name
>   resolving. The remote names can be retrieved with
>   GetRemoteName and in the case a name doesn't exist it
>   will be queued for later resolving and GetRemoteName
>   will return an error.
>   While this procedure is running every found device
>   will be returned with ***RemoteDeviceFound***. While
>   DiscoverDevices() automatically resolves unknown
>   devices names and sends ***RemoteNameUpdated*** in this
>   case it will only happen if GetRemoteName has been
>   called and no previously stored name is available.
>   Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.NotReady
>      org.bluez.Error.Failed
>      org.bluez.Error.InProgress
>      org.bluez.Error.NoSuchAdapter
> Note well: not "DeviceFound", but "RemoteDeviceFound".

Check doc/adapter-api.txt and you will see. I might mix up stuff from
time to time, but most times I mean exactly what I say. Also using
introspection utility like d-feet would have shown you this.

> The file I attached is the only dbus-api-txt found in the entire
> bluez-utils-3.30 tree.   So, it appears the documentation is out of
> date; after digging into the code at adapter.c, I found signals
> DeviceCreated, DeviceRemoved, and DeviceFound in the adapter_signals
> table.  I will implement "catches" for them, now, and expect that
> this problem will go away.

No. The documentation is all there. Depending on your entry point is
either / or /org/bluez you have to follow a different API.



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