Re: [PATCH] Add HID->HCI switching supportfornewer Dell BT cards

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I don't believe the BlueZ/hci_usb setup can currently store the pairing in the adapter, but I'll investigate this week.  Currently the infrastructure should allow a pairing that was set in Windows to still live inside the adapter and transition to Linux per my understanding.

I'll see what documentation I can obtain from our Bluetooth Team that would be available for public release.  No promises there though :)

Mario Limonciello 
Dell | Linux Engineering 
Desk : (512) 723-0582 

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On Sat, 2008-04-05 at 10:58 -0500, Mario_Limonciello@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Bastien,
> I'll be glad to update the coding style to match the rest of the
> source.  Please see the updated attachment.  Both of these adapters
> are just bluetooth cards that ship on the laptop, not the dongles that
> come with a keyboard or mouse.
> This is the way the cards function in Windows, and the way that they
> were intended to function.  When paired with a HID keyboard and/or
> mouse, they have the ability to store that pairing in the firmware.
> That's why they have the two modes.

Right. Do you have any documentation on how to store that pairing
information inside the adapter, or does it work out of the box in Linux

> In reading your question, do you have a problem with a particular
> mouse &/or keyboard combo that the dongle isn't working 'out of the
> box'?

I've mainly got experience with Logitech dongles and Apple internal
adapters that do the same, but we're lacking documentation to make those
work properly.

Any documentation about the Dell kit would help.


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